I never make plans, but I love it when a plan comes together.

Ideas, we have ideas about everything, some are small and fade away into obscurity like a one hit wonder band.

But if like me you can never really let go of an idea, the more Crazy an idea the more it sticks until one day you burst, stand up and say I am going to do this.

It wasn’t quite as dramatic as that, but the idea of walking a long way first started only last year, during an evening of looking for something fun to do with my time, i’d hit across the Yorkshire Three peaks charity walk, managing to persuade my brother, sister and a few others with the famous word of ‘this looks like fun’, i was set for a challenge.

There was a hill, somewhere????

At the time i was not what could be called fit by any standards, beer and a love of all foods (usually large amounts with cheese) had taken there toll on this once temple of health, honest it was (cough cough). I needed to get fit and so started my love of walking, between interval training and 10 mile weekend walks i gained a love of walking. Not just walking but being outside, away from the traffic, people and noise of a modern age that never lets us rest more than a few moments before.

The three peaks was a not a walk in the park, it was hard, i hurt my knee and nearly gave up but we finished in under 11 hours. But more importantly i loved it and there in began the What can i do next phase.

I walked most weekends i could, exploring the many delights of the Peak district and Shropshire Hills, but i yearned for further adventures. It wasn’t until Julia Bradbury made her TV series following in the footsteps of the great Alfred Wainwright on the epic 192 mile coast to coast that i was hooked.

There was born the idea, i should walk 192 miles, shouldn’t I.

Published by bimblingmike

a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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