Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. ~Steven Wright

stock-vector-cartoon-hiker-in-the-forest-with-blue-skies-and-a-mountains-behind-74897038 Something occurred to me today whilst I was at work, it is not the first time i have heard this and I’m sure it wont be the last time. Any one who decides to do anything out of the, shall we say ordinary, will often come across this.

So you’ve made your decision to do something, whether that is walking, cycling, rowing or running over a given distance, you think this is a normal thing to do and what ever the distance you regard it with a nonchalant shrug. It’s when you start to tell people what you are going to do, you get the reactions.

My loving partner Kerry has had 6 years to get used to my unique ways, those times when I go off on a tangent or have them moments of obsessional interest about a new hobby and do nothing but this hobby until a new one comes my way, yes I sometimes have a short attention span. So when I told her that I was walking this route I was met with he same sort of indifference (or was it a rolling of the eyes and a tutting sound) that I regard doing this distance. The long sigh of ‘oh dear here we go again’.

With Kerry’s understanding, I start to expand the people I’m telling and I am usually met with ‘your doing what’, today was a good example, a colleague at work after nearly dropping her tea asked if it was even possible to walk that far. I was also informed I am one of them? and that she will take great pleasure in telling her partner that she works with ‘one of them people’, I think it was a compliment.

Now this got me thinking a little, one of who exactly, I’ve been told by my partner that I’m a cross between Forest Gump and a homeless person. I’m not offended by the description, the beard at the moment has taken on a life of its own and I’m sure that after a few days in the hills with no shower that this  description will be putting it mildly. But what got me thinking was are people like me inherently different than everyone else, what does it take in a person to complete feet’s of endurance.

A psychologist at work added that it is the mental strength of a person that sets one apart from the other in these instances, I’ll be walking this route alone and for 4-5 days I will be pretty much alone and I’m fine with that. The thought of being in my own company for so long does not concern me and I quite look forward to the peace it will bring.

In a recent article i read recently about a gentleman named Dave Cornthwaite he talks in depth about his experiences and simply states


I guess he has it right, when people decide do these things, they enter a realm of uncertainty and put their faith in themselves and their abilities.

As I’ve said recently the hardest part of the journey is leaving the front door, so be brave and go explore.

Wild, Wacky, Wild and Wacky
I’m hoping the signs are better than this.

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One thought on “Everywhere is walking distance if you have the time. ~Steven Wright

  1. Honey you looked like a homeless person because you were sitting in a door way with the dog asleep on you. I didn’t help looking in my purse for change while standing over you x


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