Day 1- Oh my giddy aunt, a horse, a soldier and the hill.


My day started early, really bloody early. After 4 hours sleep (I was at a wedding party,not drunk but danced) I woke at 4am, my proper time to wake was at 5am but being an excitable child I was unable to get back to sleep and so stirred for 30mins before giving in, I kissed my partner goodbye and caught a taxi to Redditch. A 6hr train journey then ensued taking in three trains and all the delights certain stops have to offer.  During my journey I noted some Duke of Eds kids (yep in first class), their packs full to the brim with the world and the kitchen sink, I noted how there bag seemed larger than mine and chuckled to myself a little. I can’t complain everyone was friendly enough, but I knew I was back in my home county. I arrived at ST Bee’s a little after 12pm with an odd feeling of excitement, anticipation and disbelief that I was actually here and I was doing it. My mind played the tune and I humed ‘this is bloody nuts’, whilst simultaneously making me smile like a Cheshire cat.

I decided early on that I did not want to head around the lighthouse way, given my time of arrival, I knew I was running short of hours. I set off back towards the main town tracing where I had just come from the train station before walking towards a rather elegant house, I cut down a side track and followed a farm track running perpendicular to the train line and then cut a right at Stanley before entering Cleator Moor, I passed by a shop its sign telling me they sold lovely pies, IT WAS CLOSED!!!. The route through Cleater was simple, crossing a small road and then ducking behind the house before I then made  small climb up into Black How climbing through a small wood and onto my first climb, Dent, the height only short but sharp, puffing and panting my way up I admired my handy work and off I set again. I entered another small wood only to be met by a man appearing from the dark wood decked out in the latest full camouflage and wearing a tactical assault vest, he was nice enough chap (if a little odd) and he wished me well and for some time I kept an eye out expecting to be horribly murder in the woods. This distraction was my undoing I took what I thought was a simple shortcut, which aimed to get rid of going down a hill to climb back up, only to take a 2mile detour tramping through a thick plantation of trees which felt dense and claustrophobic, I walked until i hit a main road and even with my GPS working overtime it was difficult to find the original path which on paper was there but on the ground seemed to disappear behind a fence. Once on the road i prayed for a kind soul to offer me a lift to Ennerdale, I’d hurt my leg coming down a steep incline and i had numerous issues with my heavy pack not sitting correctly on my back, sore shoulders, thighs and feet lead to a very unhappy hiker and sensing the day light fading and worried i could not find a suitable hideaway in time for my tent, i made an impoverished phone call to my beloved to see if there was any room at the Inn. Luckily she found a bed at the lovely shepherds arms inn, the look of relief was palpable as the staff escorted me to my room and gave sympathy and reassurance, i showered, the water washing away the stress and some aches, ate a large game pie and drank two pints of cold coke, this had become an obsession 3miles from Ennerdale, that or fanta?. I felt relieved and thankful.

This was just day one, im hoping that having to cover 16miles in the space 5 hrs is the reason im like this, my hope is given a full day i can take it easier and walk at a better pace. My goal tomorrow it to camp near Rosthwaite and pass Blacksail hostel.

Day one done, 16miles covered with 33500 steps taken towards the end. No Pokemon idiots seen so the need to kill was not needed today.

Lost count of the number of styles I climb, didn’t like the step-ladder one.

Sleep then 8am start.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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