Day 2- The windy gap and the screaming woods!!!

I was grateful for the breakfast this morning, in the dinning room I met other C2C, all talking shop, at this point i was aware that i was the only one so far to be completing it self supported the others having luggage transferred across from point to point and so filled with cereal, eggs and salmon i set off around 8am. I made good progress plodding down the road to the start of Ennerdale water. But i was haunted by a number of men screaming in a thick woodland, not help me scream more we are hunting you screaming, this lasted a mile and i was still able to hear them a further mile away. But the safety and beauty of the lake kept me going.

Water falls abound and the temptation to stop and plunge was strong but I carried on. Soon i was upon black sail youth hostel, this must be an amazing place to stop the night, there was little sound hear other than sheep and wind.


Lunch was had at the hostel before I decided on a re-route, quite why im not sure, but it seemed a good idea at the time. I climbed up Tongue and onto windy gap, which wasn’t that windy, I met a chap at the top and we chatted before he pointed me in the direction I wanted to head, descending down Aaron stack to Styhead tarn I took a little run, using the scree to skate down in really good time, following the path along Styhead Gill and into Seatoller.

, Ifollowed hte road before hitting the fist camp site, the note directing me towards the house to pay. Here I made use of the showers at the farm, before making a quick safety call to my beloved and then back towards the camp site, never was I so gald to set up camp for the night.

Today my pack continues to cause issues, it’s now rubbing my lower back and has rubbed it raw, this sting I can’t even explain somewhere close to a bad gravel rash. My feet ache but no blisters and I have the same aches as yesterday. surprisingly my legs are great I have no pulled muscles or aches testament to the trail running. I lost my sun glasses somewhere on Ennerdale?

Walked 18miles or 40,000 steps and burned around 4000 calories.

Hopefully with shap looming I can hit Patterdale in good time and then Wednesday’s walk to meet my partner.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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