Day-3, rabbid dogs, 30miler men and scouts.

The morning was gloriou and I was awke early, breakfast had I bid goodbye to Seatoller as I walked the mile or so to the start of number one of todays mega hill climbs. Todays walk entailed one hill to Grasmere and another to Patterdale. As I wandered, the path was a little non committal and I met a young couple coming down a hill, they confirmed we needed the bottom path and I hitched onto their group along to Grasmere. We chatted and they informed me that they had stayed on the largest campsite, listening to their tale I was glad if where I stayed as there facilities were basic pora loo’s (yuk) I was grateful for the company and extra navigation help. We climbed up, stopping at regular intervals for a quick breath and off we trotted again. It was good to have someone to pace with and it helped mellow the first climb stopping me being over enthusiastic

At the top of Eagle Crag we met scouts, or rather the leaders (great bunch of guys) and thanks for the picture on top. We were also passed by a group of ex-soldiers who stated they intended to reach shap today (some 30miles and two massive climbs), we were a little dubious at their task but wished them well.

We reached the top in good time and walked through numerous bogs and crossed Greenup Edge. Making our way down Deer Bields Crag and hitting the outskirts of Grassmere.

All too soon we descended into Grasmere and passed said soldiers just outside, their goal of shap wasnt looking good as they sat quite relaxed, by our calculation they should be passing into Patterdale now (it was,just after 12:30). I fueled on a sandwich and sports drink, bought new undies from the local shop (mine were wet from swet as were my socks), changed in a local loo ( all very lovely I know but there is a strange pleasure in wearing clean dry things) and off i trotted out and again up.

 just up there where the V forms was my route.

Yep I wasnt even at the top when I took this picture, the walk up little Tounge gill was tough, I noted that others had taken the Tounge Gill path which seemed to stretch the walk longer, the heat was already melting everything making any kind of movement tiering.

View down into Patterdale, I descended slightly different to the original route, passing Grisedale Tarn, Eagle Crag and following Grisedale Beck and enjoyed the gradual decent, for some reason taking a picture at Grisedale tarn passed me by, my feet didn’t enjoy the descent and they were starting to hurt from the shearing force of going down all the time against stone and shale.

You may notice something here, pictures get less as the day ends, this is me conserving energy and just trying to get to the end.

I dropped into side farm, fueled again on coke, tea and snickers and was cruelly made to walk 200mtrs to the camp site, fresh showers were a dream, perched right on the lake edge it was a steep site but one which offered unrivalled views across Ullswater and after sitting for tea with the scout guys, I devoured beef hot pot, meatballs and pudding with glee, shared a brew witht eh scout guys before snuggling in my bed early and I was off, glad there there was only one more hill to climb.

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