And so I recovered in Reeth, Hazel Brown farm campsite a lovely quiet site. My feet and shins were by now killing me, to stand up I had to crawl and try to propel myself up to a stand like a shaky weightlifter.

I looked back on my 5 days of trecking proud that I had walked some 90miles (I think, bare in mind I did my own route). I was one of a handfull that were self supported, most using transport services and talking about rest days!!!. 

I had always said I would get to Kirkby Stephen and see how I felt, I had walked the entire lake district and into the Yorkshire Dales national park and still managed to outpace those with smaller packs.

Reeth was a great rest place, the rivers clean and cooling and as I was told numerous times that I smelled (my own asumption was somewhere between a damp dog and sheep), my wish to swim in a river came true, it was shall we say brisk and I was at last allowed to kiss and hug kerry ( and share the same space).

I slept during the day, ate more food than was sensible and I felt relaxed, I wasn’t disapointed at stopping here, my left foot on inspection proved why I needed to stop. Despite compeed plasters and special socks, dry blister had developed along the scar line on the bottom of my foot, extremely tender to touch I couldnt of made it further if I tried. Im not sure how to prevent this in future as it seems to be part of the mechanics of my feet.

I have already confirmed I will complete the rest next year and I am looking at trail running the remainder of the route, less weight and being more nimble will see me covering sections in great time. 

Injuries:- infected right toe, grazed lower back, shin splint, 1 purple toe nail, ear infection returned with a vengance (not sure why as it had disapeared pre start).

Anything I’d change: lighter tent, better pack. Change in foods for high calorie/energy stuff which would be lighter and have more bang for their buck. Maybe more research into feet and padding? Although this may mean an expensive trip to have innersole’s formed to my feet.

I’ve talked to many people, some just walking, some for charity or some it would seem as they enjoy pain. This is the reality of any walk of this kind, some will complete easily, some like me will sucumb to injury. Wainwrights always appears as a romantic figure and the walks the same, in fact it takes alot of planing and good skill to come through safely. If you intend to carry out something like this, dont just use a guide book, routes change and get redirected all the time, mist makes paths disapear quickly and with out a compass or gps you get lost quickly. 

It’s the end for me on the c2c, but only for awhile. I still plan on running, taking part in some events and have ideas for next year. So I will keep writing and updating when i manage to get out and about.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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