“I have a cunning plan”

images So I’ve been at home for around a week now, my left foot still hurts, not enough to stop me walking but enough to let me know it’s there ( I think I may have sprained a toe), as my right must have felt left out I have now developed an aching knee, so I have a pronounced hobble going on at the moment.


I’ve felt slightly lost since returning home, somewhat unfinished and so my thoughts have been focused on what I will do next. Yes I’ve not even finished the coast to coast but I am firmly set that next year I will run the rest of the sections with my every helpful support crew Kerry in the background providing clean clothing, housing and cuddles. I’ve read a few different blogs etc on running the coast to coast and they all pretty much run the same way (one foot in front of the other) and so there doesn’t seem to be the  need to plan much further than this, I’ll be looking at lighter back pack and other equipment as I go on, but for now that plan has been made.

So I find myself drifting into other ideas, I’ve lacked finding some inspiration recently in what I wanted to do. I’ve had a thought for some time about walking from Birmingham to Wales via the canal network and also the rivers, the route is already available via the Long Distance Walkers association, it works out at 150 miles, starts in the center of Birmingham before finishing in Aberystwyth. This seems a nice flattish walk with not to many issues regarding navigation, this may even be possible via bike-packing and so is definitely in the consideration box.

But today another idea hit me, I have been looking at ideas for a family road trip next year, the plan so far would be to pack up the car and just head off in a general direction stopping where we like the look of, I’ve always had an inkling to holiday in Scotland and was hoping to walk to a few Bothies and stay the night. So it hit me today, there are some 100 bothies around the UK (this includes Scotland, Wales and to a lesser extent England.

What is a Bothy i hear you say http://www.mountainbothies.org.uk/about.asp, here’s a link to tell you a little more,but in a nut shell they are basic shelters hidden throughout the mountains of the UK, some have fires and chairs, some don’t

download Now of all the blogs and Facebook post I have read about the walks people complete, I’ve yet to come across anyone who has been to everyone, having looked at the basic map, it would seem that most are with in a general pattern or circular route of each other, so the idea hit me, to complete some multi day hikes with in a given area of the UK, so take for instance Wales, there are 6 shelters with in the boundary of Wales, my plan would be to walk from one to the other over a given time period and stop in each one, it’s more of a geeks collection thing (but hey im not as bad as the people who collect trig points).

There are a few long distance walks taking place over the year (2017) which I hope to take part in, perhaps run some parts.

So here is my list of possibles for 2017

  • ladybower trail marathon
  • coast to coast 2
  • wales multi-day hike bothy to bothy
  • Quadrathon challenge

these are by no means a definitive list but a good basis I think, it may be worth noting I haven’t actually told my beloved any of this yet, so SHHHSSS.

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