Thinking time

Its been a quiet week for me, having spent time trying to mend my manky foot (yes still healing). 

I’ve had a few brief runs out this week, the longest being 6miles, bear in mind I havent run for around 3weeks and so I am a little out of practice.

Some of this time has been spent planning things for me to do in 2017, i have already roughly routed 3 walks 

  1.  135 mile route through the centre of wales taking in every bothy currently listed.
  2. Birmingham to wales roughly following the cannals and then the river
  3. And just for giggles birmingham to keighly which is 150miles, 

Now im not sure ill do all of these next year, if any the welsh bothy trip would be fun and should be somewhere around 1 1/2 weeks to complete, it will be fairly quiet and a goid mix of terrain. 

But i did book my first event for next year, ive decided to run 50miles. Yes 50miles non stop, the route starts in hams country park and finishes at Glastonbury Tor im hoping to complete in around 13hrs. This will take part in June, so plenty of months left and with that in mind i need to up my training and start something more formal. Ive also been experimenting with my diet, having decided to limit my meat in take and amount of processed food, ive purchased a vegetarian protein powder, the result so far are well gassy 😉 

As well as running I went with the family to Bumble hole nature reserve and a brief foray into Netherton tunnel, the kids loved it, kerry not so much. Its 1.7miles of damp, dark, spooky and flooded paths 

This is a great little place and one very close to Dudley town centre, so goes to show you dont have to go far to find something new and interesting. 

Ive been reading alot about ultra running, so you know this is any distance over the usual marathon distance, theres no real limit on how many miles one can be which can make some events days long. These more than any others intrigue me, multi day/stage events, how far can one go, at what point will it become hard, this is going to be my ultimate goal. But only time will tell.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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