Newyear, new plans

Well it’s now the end of the first week in 2017, 2016 was an odd year for us all and at one point you did wonder if wed make it to 2017, I enjoyed last year though connecting with a new passion and buildimg my fitness considerably. 

Running has become my main past time now and im averaging 20-30 miles a week. Im not sticking to any training plan and enjoying doing my own thing, there are lots of plans out there and some just seem far to complicated to bother with so ive devised my own

  1.  3 runs a week at a fast pace, average around 9-9:30 min/mile
  2. Two long runs of around 13-16miles,  I try to run slower say 10min mile but tend to run the same pace.

This has served me well, i build in some hillier routes where i can and its all backed up with daily yoga and core work (when i feel able). 

My 2017 started well, i opened the week with a 22mile run around the black country, the route took me into sandwellvalley

This is a gem of a place, thw frosty morning making it even more enjoyable to explore. The first half of this route is my usual 16miler, finishing back at my front door, but for this run i hoped on the walsal canal and upto walsal arboretum. At around 18miles i could feel my legs tightening and telling me to stop, so with kerry and the kids now in tow, tea and pop were had and a quick rest before i was off for another 2mile. I didnt feel as achy now and i certainly wasnt fatigued which is only a good thing. 

I certainly felt this the next day though, my left foot was difficult to walk on and felt like it had split in two, ive been suffering with niggly pain for months and think its down to tight fitting trainers and trapping nerve. So my beloved relaced them for me and only time will tell. 

Weve spent the week doing yoga, its great for stability and core plus and nice time to just relax and make time for yourself. 

My weekend plan was too run a route im running in feb but for various reasons i havent got there and settled on running in canock chase instead, trying my new asics trail trainers,monster grip and a secure underfoot feeling

the run was misty and hilly, but i managed to average a good time over 7miles. Ive become less pre-occupied with times, more focused on getting the miles in and building stamina, as it stands ive checked results for some events ive entered and im not likely to finish last (famous last words). 

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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