Run, run and rest

Its been 2 weeks since i last wrote, running has somewhat slowed to a crawl, akin to driving along the m6 after 4pm. I was going great guns, 5 runs a week, a sub 26min 5k which was a suprise and then i came to a grinding halt.

I made a short journey over to the long mynd, a plan to run 13miles of a marathon ill be running the day after my birthday.

I arrived early (7:30) to be met by a bracing wind. having already doned a thermal baselayer followed by thermal running top, i opted for my alpkit gravitas jacket and this put a stop to that breeze. 

Feeling warmer iset off on a trot, i had opted to try my asic trail trainers (an excellent christmas pressie) and i was glad i did. They gripped well giving me the abilities of a mountain goat (almost). I knew the area having already walked here before so navigation was easy. 

There were few people about, seeing a man ski across the top made me chuckle, i brought the dog and she seemed to be enjoying herself. The snow only a few cm deep on the main paths but once off the main route it became 2ft deep drifts, this was interesting and disapearing into a bog hidden by the virgin snow upto my knee was a very cold shock but still fun. 

It wasnt until i began to reach the top again that my knee became a niggle, then sore, then painful to the point i then had to walk back to my car. I knew this pain, i had done this on the yorkshire three peaks 2years earlier and two weeks before my marathon did not make me a happy bunny, runners knee a name for generalised pain/discomfort but caused by a number of things.

I left off it, 2days past and i felt good, ran again new pb on a 5k route. 2nd run of the week saw it return so again rest. 

I had booked myself in for a bio-mechanical assessment, active-8 sports therapy total performance. Great place and cracking advice. I was taken through a number of test, some kind, some not so kind. Aside from being slightly over dominant on my left, i have a weak arse, well more weak glutes which is the possible cause of my knee issue that and overloading it.

So for the time being its a bit of rest, glute work and hope im ready for 26miles of the long mynd.

Published by bimblingmike

a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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