Run for the hills!!

Its be a quiet few weeks. My running was less due to my knee, but i managed a few 5k’s not far from home.

Saturday 4th saw my first 2017 event, organised by the team at how hard can it be events. Two distancesof 13miles and full marathon. I had entered the marathon, knowing the area well, i was happy to try my first marathon distance here.

The venue was the beautiful long mynd, you may remember i had run some part of the route only a few weeks ago resulting in a knee injury that had plagued me since. 

Assembling at the national trust tea room, we registered. A thing i like about these events is the people, so friendly and welcoming, i chatted with a guy for the time, exchanging stories, all to quick 9am arrived. We gathered outside and a short briefing about the route we were off. 

Running down towards church stretton we all cut left up a step climb. The paths muddy and icy making hard work for legs. Ive never been to this part but it must be the hilliest section of the Long Mynd. We carried on passing a stranded transit sunken in mud ( really odd place for it), admiring the two small homes completly off grid. More climbing and more climbing finally flattening out (but only a bit). 

We wheezed in unison like an unfit train before descending onto checkpoint 1. Flat coke and cake and off we went. The road icy and this saw its first casualty, a kady had slipped breaking an ankle, people stopped offered help before we all set off again. 

Down hill making the going easy and seeing a mile in 8:50mins. We were warned a local farmer was non to happy and had removed our helpful signs, we entered the farm, around 10 of us a waved to the farmer and off for the climb again 

People snaked up the hill, through bog and ice. The sun had come out and the warmth helped. I had fallen back through the pack but i was more bothered about finishing.

Roads quickly appeared and i was now walking/running. Checking my watch it seemed i was on time (just). I linked with another lady and down a steep, rock wet hill we ran and back into checkpoint 1. I ate and drank and decided to go again, but half way up the first climb i knew my legs didnt have it in them. 

I turned around and entered the cp declaring my doneness for the day. Medal awarded, cake eaten and tales told i was done 

I was happy at what i had done, 13miles in the hills under time constraints is hard, my knee held up but knowing the familiar niggle was my main reason for stopping in order to preserve my body for my next run. 

Great day, great people and a great location. I will run a marathon at somepoint i promise.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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