It’s #ProjectBigSwim – Overcoming Fear – Part 2 – Irrationality

Aleks Kashefi

We set out on the Frog Graham route, brain switching to that purposeful mode I’m all too familiar with. We too the footpath up to UnderSkiddaw carpark, remembering the times I’d supported and navigated for others on the Bob Graham Route last year. The line up was easy and I got a slight smug satisfaction out of getting up the the final cairn before Skiddaw’s trigpoint. Then the clag hit us. The poor visibility became poorer and I found myself having to use a compass bearing to stay on the ridiculously obvious path. A meter from the trigpoint and Skiddaw’s summit I find the lack of visibility confusing.

Clag thick enough to stop a perfectly well posed selfie!
“Is that it?” Comes Sophie’s voice above the howling wind and out of thick soup of writhing cloud.

We touch the trig, I take a selfie of us both and we head…

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