Its been awhile

Hello group, yes it has been awhile since i last wrote. We last met as i was recovering from my first ultra. Well that took me just over a month, the aching muscles vanished quickly but i was left with niggling knee and shin pains for the remainder of the time. Limited running took place as i struggled to run injury free. I would set off but anything over 3miles and i would be hobbling again.

I basicaly had to start from scratch, 2miles here amd there slowly building back up again. A week off work with an ear infection also stopped more running so its been one of them times.

On the plus side, im now gearing up for escape from meriden again, in a little under 2 weeks time ill be running towards nottingham hopefuly to cover 47miles and a medal ( i dont want a spoon again), one hopes that being June the weather wont be as cold but we all know what the uk is like. My mileage has increased again steadily over the last few months and (touch wood) my body is holding out. The excitement now starts as i commence bag packing, i have made a list which should see me through. I will do a seperate post next week once ive collected everthing i need. 

I have managed a few mini adventures, taking me up into dovedale valley, church stretton and clent. Obligitry pictures below. 

Its been a good few months, the miles have steadily added up, meriden will be training for the conquest of avalon 50miles ending at glastonbury tor with my accomodation being a cabin and hot tub. 

Im in need of new trainers as my fav asics have a hole in the toe end, rather than try something new i willget another pair, theyve served me well and must have covered some 600 odd miles since last year. 

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