Meriden- the return

So yes,last november you will remember that mysekl and my lardy brother entered the escape to Meriden. 24hr time limit in any direction no limit on miles. We won the spoon(the cold forcing early retirement) and sitting in its kitchen throne, it has taunted me ever since 

So round 2- a summer version. The hope was no cold, ive never quite got the feeling back in my fingers since and struggle to keep them warm in the cooler month, i spent the week prepping my bag. Packing and unpacking. Checking batteries and charging devices. My bag of choice omm 21l, i got this from ebay with a view to fastpacking. Never having worn the bag in anger i was interested to see how it faired.

My route had been planed for sometime and i had spent numerous days going over looking for any improvements, keen to avoid last years efforts i decided on heading north east with a destination of nottingham. This would put me 40 odd crow miles.

And so we gathered again. All hopeful at getting our distance in. People wearing their trophies of past ultras, with all the bodies, some laying on the floor getting a last minute nap, some applying creams and others tapping legs it resemble an AnE department. The speech was given and off we went to the start, rain had started early and promised to plague us until around 4am.

The cross in Meriden now resembled a rave as we all started our lights, the count down began and we were off. Each person and group heading in different directions. My route was simple and straight forward, heading towards fillongley. A small train of people of runners trundled up the road avoiding the crazy drivers. I passed a guy who didnt have a rear light and stopped to give him one of mine to make sure he was safe.

The miles passed, the temp warm and humid, the wet roads steamed in my head torch making for a muggy run. Some of my route was planed to head along footpaths but given the amount of rain i declined as slipping and getting covered in mud didnt appeal. At one point outside nuneaton i swear a hedged hissed at me, like a snake hiss, i then ran quickly.

Not long after that i watched a young driver spin his car at a round about going to fast in the wet, he was luck not to come off worse.

Part of my route planed to head through hartshill country park but given how dark it was and wet i opted for a detour on the road, after nearly getting hit in the head by an owl i then passed a rather amerous couple parked at the entrance having sexy time.

Even after 16miles i felt strong, i didnt feel fatigue at all and felt fresh. The miles continued to pass by as i approached manchetter, police passed me twice but to my suprise didnt stop lol. I made sure i ate every 6miles and this seemed to work for me. The light appeared around 4:30am and it was a relief to get rid of my torch and waterproof top, i felt better sheding the wet jacket and met three people shortly after Twycross, i stayed behind 2 ladies until Asby where i veered off trying to avoid the rather busy A road but ended up trying to cross a round about full of riad works. I wasnt far away now from castle donnington around 12miles. My shins were feeling it now, the pain was getting worse and every step felt like hot pins stabbing me. Phone call to my lovely partner saw encouragement and a promise of an end insight. now at this sign it didnt seem far, 4miles is a short distance for me, but having been on my feet for over 8hrs it promised to be a hard won 4miles. 

Kerry arrived at bredon on the hill, i dumped my bag, drank and off i set, kerry driving back and fourth spotting the road and distance. Running seemed better than walking and i was able to maintain a good speed, the traffic was terryfying to say the least, i approached Donnington park to the sounds of motor racing, i continued on hitting the distance in 9.8hrs, 38 miles covered to get to 30crow miles.

Suprisingly i was still smiling, i felt energised and if it hadnt of been for my shin i would of kept going. I didnt feel fatigued at all. 

I sat in the car, aired my feet and drank a recovery shake. 

I write this the day after, my left shin is in so much pain its difficult to get going, suprisingly i have no muscke aches or pains, icing and elevation are my plans for today with added pain relief. My shins and the tops of my feet have started to bruise but im able to weight bear and as the kids have pointed out that i look like im walking on the moon. 

Mountain fuel was excellent and worked a treat, i cant recomend this stuff enough and itl now be my fueling of choice. My omm bag was brilliant, it packed well and movement was minimal even when getting light, my gear from decathlon faired well, i cant really fault this stuff, its cheap but performs well. My new gel asic 19s were comfy and i only suffered one minor blister.

All in all it was brilliant, such a difference running on my own through the night, im more than happy with distance covered. 

Onto my next challenge 

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