Pondering a ponderous ponder

It’s been a week since I completed my longest event to date, 38 miles has certainly taken it’s toll and my left shin continues to periodically ache.

I managed 3 miles today and just as i finished the familiar sting reared it’s ugly head. But I was happy, as I stopped my Sunnto I had to check I had completed 3 miles as it felt like I hadnt. My fitness is better than I thought.

So during the week of limted physical acrivity, Ive been back at work. As you all know nursing is erm interesting these days and during the quiet periods I find my thoughts drifting to future adventures.

This hasnt been helped by the myriad of blogs recently about others planed events, i think there is a season to these things, folk hibernating during winter, only to emerge in spring to start planing.

I stretch ( grimicing) and think about the year ahead. Ive been toying with possible events next year, favouring multi-days. But then i think why, what is it that im looking for from an event. Dont get me wrong i enjoy them, the people and goodie bags but find the constraints of completing in certain times bothers me. I try not to chase the clock now, its a good gauge to measure my fitness but constantly timing ones self can become an obsession and unhealthy. Im not aiming to win anything and so my training reflects this ( do as I feel taining), this morning it occured to me, running through a woodland, dog pulling me, the forest putting on its summer clothing and birds singing their praise to just enjoy being.

Simple really, we rush around heads in phones bothered by bills, timings, families and work. Stressed about being stressed. 

Enjoy being in the moment, take yourself out of the rat run and just sit.

This is what I intend to do, after the few events left this year my focus will be more on my own adventures, simple adventures in and around the Uk. 

Published by bimblingmike

a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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