Wild Eadric and the four tops

Epic name for a band, but no im not starting a rock group.

This week I have been mostly scheming my next 2 adventures, struggling to make time for something more epic and far away, I’ve opted to stay closer to home.

Perusing a few websites recently ( links below) I happened upon new routes that I had never heard of but are relatively close. Even in the hallowed walls of Facebook groups has no mention of these routes been mentioned, this intrigued me further and so i checked google and only finding a few results it was decided.

My first adventure will be the Dark Peak four county tops,


In the website blurb, the time limit is 24hrs,now im no where near that masochistic so I plan to do this as an overnight, a cheeky bivvy will be had. The Dark Peak is an amazing area, one I only discovered around 3 years ago and since then I’ve been drawn back time and time again. It’s the only place that also boasts four county tops that can be reached in one day. There is a rough route on the website but as far as i can see it must go through the snake pass pub, the rest is down to you.

Total distance somewhere between 40-45 miles. Doable as a singular ultra but not for me on this most hilly of terrain.

The second of these minie adventures is Wild Eadrics Way, again a long distance route of 40 odd miles that I’ve only read 2 posts on it’s completion. Starting in Church Stretton, the routes winds its way around the Long Mynd onto Striperstones and finishing in Ludlow. I’ve extended the route to create a circular walk back towards Church stretton, this puts the over all distance at 60 miles.



For both ill be packing my now complete fast pack kit, post to follow on what ill take.

At the moment I don’t have a start date but im hoping July will be a good month. The dog may come with me on one, I’ve yet to decide if i can cope with her stupidness overnight.

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