The hill and the idiot part Deux 

As you left me i was settling into a nice well deserved sleep. Id covered 25miles this day. I tried to rest but became bothered by the local flies. The ones seemed to serve no purpose other than just to irritate me and boy did they do this well. I worse my thermal hat,covered myself in the tarp and doozed. No the weather was ok last time i checked but today it changed and from 10pm it rained, then teasingly stopped before carrying on. I got around 3hrs sleep, tossing and turning trying to prevent the rain wetting everything, i shivered, moved some more. I steamed in my bivvy bag like a bake in the bag chicken, making me even more damp. 

I woke around 4am, quickly packed and wore everything i owned, a brew was made before a breakfast of snickers was had.

I set off in haste wanting to warm, it rained and drizzled at the same time, wind blew as i neared Druids Stones, mist kept any view at bay, whilst the ridge punished my early morning daftness. I traversed towards ringing Roger, all the time buffeted by the ever present wind.

Now it was as i neared Kinder downfall that i misjudged a bog, leapinf forward my feet disapered into the thick black mess,as i withdrew my right foot, it was minus its trainer!!!! I turned and plunged my hand into what i though was the hole only to come up empty handed. Now minus a shoe. I laughed as only one could at this point and off i trotted. Suprisingly it was ok, half barefoot i edged closer to Sandy Hayes, this route is a quicker down than Williams Clough, i jogged on, slipping twice and gently bumping to the floor. 

I closed in the reservoir id passed yesterday mornig, stopping to insert a discarded rubber trainer sole into my sock, yes i did do this and it was better than nothing.

I ran past a few people looking like id been swimming, looking at odds with calm weather in Hayfield and wondered if those heading up had checked the weather. I arrived at my car and luckily had spare socks and trainers in my boot,happy i whacked on the heater and journeyed home.

Lessons learned

  1. Bivvying is ok if it works, its low key and im asuming waterproof if you bring everything.
  2. Im not as fit as id like to believe, in my head im awesum,reality im a rather slowed disabled mountain goat.
  3. My alpkit gear just keeps proving its worth. Value for money and brilliant build quality.
  4. Dont sleep by a river with out a midgy net, them flies are out to get humans, they dont need to bit because the mental torment is enough. 
  5. Tie shoelaces tighter next time or just avoid the bogs. 

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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