The hill and the idiot

Yep,it was one of the weekend. The plan was hatched in the week, use the four counties as a guide and run around the peak distric. Excellent idea seemed simple enough,after all whats 40miles. 

I arrived in Hayfield just after 9am, parking by the Sportsman id planed to head onto Kinder and then traverse along the ridge all the way to Derwent water. It started out fine and the going good under foot,my pack felt ok and i was soon reached the foot of Kinder.

From here Kinder looked ominus, the foreboading and ethereal entity daring me to head up and take it on. I neared Williams Clough and took this route, avoiding the steep climb of Sandy Hayes. 

Looking back down Williams Clough, a steady scramble saw me joing the Penine way and i was able to gaze upon the fabled Spiners, having set off they were well on their way decked out in a myriad of kit, 

I watched them orance off into the distance and wished many good luck. I soon toped Kinder and made my way to the first trig 

Kinder was suprisingly empty at this point, im glad as the crowds up here can be terrible at times. I moved on, taking a breather from the buffeting wind,checked my route and i was off.

There are some magnificent stones up here, created by years of wind and rain, at times it resembled a well thought sculpture park

I made my way along towards upper Tor,Nether Tor, passing the crowds. Some wearing trainers and jeans, other asking direction having no clue where they are heading. Its a worrying thing to see, i have to emphasise that if you go be prepared. 

Sitting at the cairn on crookstone hill, great view. From here i ran/walked down towards Haggwater bridge and towards River Ashop 

Cracking little place, i rested, rehydrated before making my way across the scary snake pass and up towards Haggtor copice. The temp suddenly rose here, walking through the wood sweat dripped from me for the first time today. 

I dropped down onto Fairholmes, realised i had no cash and plodded on,i pass runners out running the Acceleratw runners finishing up their run. 

The ever impressive dam, 

Following the path, my original plan would of been to head up onto Howden Edge and onto my second hill top, but as i neared i had little energy left, it had taken me a mountain of time to get here already and i knew i would be able to comple what i wanted. Instead i continued to follow the path, following round Howden Reservior, i crossed at Slippery Stones and walked path back towards Fairholmes, i long for a water top up, but checking the taps in the loo, i realised it was hot!!! 

My only option, head back toward Haggwater Bridge and bivvy up for the night. The temp still warm kept me sweating as i followed my original path.

I stopped by the banks of the river, prepped my food. The peace and quietly was lovely, i rested my feet in the cooling water, which helped rest them. I consumed lam rogan josh, two puddings, a mug of sweet tea and finally a packet of scratchings. I rested and watched people wander by. My peace spoilt by others wanting the same experience. 

In my haste to leave, i left my walking poles at home and struggled to find suitable replacements for my tarp.

I set up my bed in some trampled down bracken before wrapping myself up.

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