Melting in Malvern

Since the infamous shoe debacle, ive kept a low profile, this mainly to rest my foot which developed some soreness around the heal. Also I didnt have another set of trainers for anything long distance.

I ran a few shorts runs in the immediate week, covering 6 and 3 miles respectivly. Ive been skipping bits of my other training and I know this will bite my arse at a later date and so I will commence the stretching soon. 

I decided having a Thursday off that I would toddle over to the Malvern Hills, I cant recall having ever done this before and the promise of nice weather sealed the route.

I started at a small hamlet called Hollybush (5 milesish from Malvern), the car park well hidden and forcing a quick stop and turn around. Even better that the car park was free. Immediately I was met with a sharp climb up onto Midsummer Hill, with dog giving me a little extra help I ran up this a little bit (im no fell runner thats for sure) the asent short but sharp, I was soon at the top and met with my first outstanding view of the day.

Apparently the hill fort once was home to around 1500 people, must off been cramped buts its position offers fantastic views of the low lying grounds and any enemy Romans, I ran off the hill and down into Gullets wood, with heat rising it was nice to take cover from the heat. 

I was soon climbing steadily again and onto hangmans hill, I cant find any info on the hills name but asume at some time people were dispatched here?, but close by is Clutters cave. This seems to be a mystery as no one quite knows why its there, various theories regarding sacrafices and hermits but I prefer the theory of a giant living there. I popped my head in hoping for some cool air but it was more sweat box than cool box.

Millenium hill view

I took a path down off the hill towards the reservoir hoping the dog could have a paddle, but instead a small stream sufficed. I was soon upon the cafe next to the Malvern hotel, before taking a route behind the cafe taking me through various fields, churned up paths and streams, the dog now looking black and stinky. 

Strange bunker thing?
Heading towards hatfield coppice

I got a little lost running through the fields, the signs numerous but some didnt seem to fit the way they pointed. I evetualy came out through Herrings coppice, the route here taking in meadows and secluded quiet woodlands.I eventualy emerged at the foot of Black hill. The heat was melting now, the cows and sheep hiding in the small woodland, I sumeted Black hill and took 5 mins, ate a Snikers and fed the dog water and pork scratchings. A man appeared and we chated briefly before heading off 

Natural sculpters
Long view towards Perserverance hill

I continued along the ridge, descending down into Upper Wyche before climbing once more up Summer Hill and finaly tagging Worcester beacon 

View back from where ive come

There was a slight breeze up top, most welcome given the heat, I rested again as the dog was feeling it. 

See two shoes
I set off again, taking it easy and followed the ridge back towards the Malvern Hill hotel. I stopped ate icecream and watered pooch before setting back over the Choirs Way, pooch was hobling a little now so I took the quickest route, stopping often to let her rest, rounded the Quarry near Foxhall, stopping at a stream to cool the pooch 

Looks inviting, but certain death signs wernt
Id covered some 13.3miles in all, the dog had damaged one of her pads somehow and she was greatful for the car boot. Ill return again at some point to explore other areas and a little bit further. 

Yep I bought new trainers this week, I couldnt bring myself to buying a £100 pair and opted to gentle trail ones from decathlon, at £54 they seem to be a good choice, as with most Asics, there cushioned well for me with a slightly more agressive tread than the Nimbus range they provided a good footing over varied ground, I also gone full nuts and bought a pair of alpkit running leggings, now bear with me, there not lycra so dont grab the rude bits so there ok. 

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