New car, new tent and first doggy camp.

Its been a funny week, I havent run much due to life and work commitments. The start of the week saw my faithful c-max wanting yet more money spent on it, £100 for a small bit of plastic so I could open the bonnet. Not likely, so I decided a new motor was needed for the up coming road trip in 2 weeks time.

Myself and the good lady headed off to look at a Skoda scout roomster but 20min from our journeys end, the engine went bang, a blown headgasket saw us waiting for recovery beside the m40. The lady slowly being eaten by rather angry red ants, we had to be towed to the nearest scrap yard to lay the beast to rest. 

New car bought we headed home, packed everything we owned,( rather it seemed like that) amd headed off camping.

This was the first time with our new tent ( vango colorado) and first time with THE DOG!! 

We had booked a campsite some 20mins away Pillaton Hall Farm, close enough that if doggy became bothersome she could be returned. This was a nice large open site, we booked a spot set in the corner of the camp to make sure pooch was as quiet as possible, then tent time.

We had a bought a second hand tent a few weeks ago, suprisingly it set up quickly, no arguments and all were settled in. 

Corn fields for miles

The dog behaved, barking at the noisy phesants sounding their squark at 5am. Nothing much was done saturday, the kids played and the parents sat and relaxed. Sunday saw me rise at 6am, don my running gear and head to Shoal Hill, I have run this route many times before and its a personal fav of mine. Excelkent mix of wood, gravel and technical single track 

Looking out towards the wreakin
The woods here are peppered with twisty, turny single track bike trails,being part of Cannock Chase ( although more the fringes) it makes a great short run or can be extended by running into the chase proper.

I only ran just over 3miles making a lowly 6 for the week. But hey its been a busy and hetic week. 

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