The wet run one

Hello all, well its that time of year where most of us bugger off for some holiday time and im no exception. Prior to holibobs, nothing much happened, id done a few short runs and a couple of long ones. One run i fell over, appearing like a drunk superman before crashing to the ground. I lay therw clutching my shoulder thinking id dislocated it and the first thing i did? Well i paused my Sunnto haha. Luckily i didnt do anything more than bruise myself, my shoulder still slightly paining today.

So holibobs, 2 weeks off, 1 week in a cottage in the glorious Northumbrian sea side and 1 week in Yorkshire visiting family. It took over 4hrs to arrive, we stopped in Darling for an impromptu park picnic with my ugly brother and the odd Ali before heading to Budle bay 

Not a bad view from the cottage
We couldnt of been happier with our choice. Quiet and calm with equal beauty thrown in. Lindisfarne can be seen from our kitchen and its amazing to think if you were here 793 you would of seen Vikings for the first time (they made a crap first impression really). 

The following morning it rained as i awoke at 6am, i donned my gear and off i set, dog in tow. No destination planed and no route sought just running to enjoy the run, i headed down the coast 

Drizzly morning view
I ran across dunes and tight narrow paths, across a golf course before coming out near Bamburgh castle 

An imposing site
Defiantely not a fun place to invade, this place was huge and i felt slightly inadeqate running below this monstrous fortress. We round and down on the beach beforw heading back the way we came, taking a small break at a WW2  gun emplacement which gave outstanding views of Budle bay. We arrived home, wet and bedraggled but happy. 

Heres to two more weeks of trails 😀 

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