I could beat Oswold

The Dunes

Hello from the coast, todays little 14mile cracker comnenced once again from our fantastic cottage, I hadnt planed this route but having my wonderfull partner suggest i meet her in Craster with the dog was a very good idea, brownie points to follow. So a quick check and indeed St Oswolds way runs for 14miles.

So with glee and glorious sunshine in tow I set off, running towards Bamburgh Castle on the route I took yesterday, more of those walky touristy things were ambling around like the living dead as I passed through, no smiles but im not suprised. From Bamburgh I was supposed to veer off across farm land but a large yellow warning sign spoke of bulls and I know this was best avoided.

I took a sharp left and ended up running through tall dunes, for the most part lost to others and poked by inexplicably sharp grass. I stopped occasionaly, watered both the dog and me and headed for a path which took in the delights of a housing estate. Here I got slightly lost (i hate housing estate). 

After exploring the estate I was once again greeted by trails

Never ending path
Well thats breakfast sorted

There is something for everyone here, the field high with wheat and i think peas, fields, seaside and woods. 

I was soon running through a caravan park heading pack onto the sea near Beadle 

Looking calm with a strong headwind.
Sand hitting me was sore
I decided to come off Beadle bay as the headwind was difficult to run in, plus i was getting hit by winds of sand which hurt, keeping with Oswold I ran through a bird sanctuary and was soon in High Newton-by-the-sea, quick water stop before off again through more dunes, admiring the lovely chalets.
Looked a great skate board ramp

From here i was able to get a glimps of Dunstanburgh castle, again looking imposing over the sky line, we entered another golf course 

Long road, nap needed

Here pooch had an impromptu lay down

Puffed out selfie

Castle castles everwhere

As i breached the base of the castle, i met more of them walking things! Now it was like Temple run as i dodged and weaved crowds of german kids, hunting in packs, 

Celebratory bath
Pooch took a quick dip as we entred craster, cow troughs make great baths for small people and dogs, i hit 14miles, legs felt strong thanks to beetroot juice, i met the clan, drank cool coke and savoured a nice bread treat

Craster harbour, glorious

People in the posh pub looked at me oddly, well my orange shirt did seem rather attracted to irritating small flying beetles, i also treated myself to an icecream yum.

Where will the week take me 

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