Run to the tip

I swaped my running for walking for the past two days, sneaking in a quick 8miles from Budle bay and around the quiet country lanes. I didnt take the dog knowing i would hit busy A-roads and opted for a solo run.

I set off down Budle bay towards the golf course and cut up to the main road. It was suprisingly quiet which was nice. I veered off into a side road and cut across some field 

Looking back onto Bamburgh castle
The views good i carried on into the fields coming across numerous rabbits 

Lots and lots of wheat.
One thing in these parts paths are well signed, i cut down through the bottom of a caravan park and took a quick detour onto an acient settlement, most likely bronze age ( or thats what google said) and ran down through a dark wood and to a main road.

I wanted to run across another path but found the owners of the holiday cottages had purposely removed the signs and it appears blocked the path with fencing, somewhat miffed i carried on along the road

Road to nowhere

I followed the roads, twisting and turning, thankfully it was early so no near misses with cars, id run to the oposite end of the footpath hoping to run back to where i came, after going through a yard, the path quickly became a dumping yard, broken glass, rubble and general shit everywhere, i stuck with it hoping the path would only to be met with a tip. House clearance crap everywhere hiddem behind mounds of earth 

Not so green and plesant land
This angered me alot, to see such disregard for the country side and public rights of way. The paths was again blocked from its end, partly by this lot and partly due to overgrowth. I swore and chuntered to myself before heading back home via the roads. Ill be reporting this as soon as i get chance.

We finished the day with a trip to Berwick upon tweed, im afraid it didnt impress at all, generalised high street shops that are now all to common around the uk. There was some nice history there but it just didnt do it for and chips by the sea on the other hand definately did do it for me. 

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