The hills, the rain and waterfalls

It was raining, the weathers been odd up here. One minute rain the next hot, hard to keep up and changing quicker than costume change with pants people. 

So todays adventure, a walk. My heel was hurting somewhat from my road run so walking boots were the order of the day. We headed as a family to Lindspout in the Breamish valley, id seen pictures and thought fantastic. We parked at its start with a 3mile total route seemed doable for the kids

Yep it was raining

We set off, everyone covered in waterproof gear, the wind blew a little and within 15mins everyone was a little wet, a kindly farmer stopped and expressed he was glad they wernt the only mad ones out today.

We carried on, signs and paths easy to follow

Kerry cheating having the dog pull her
Not so tasty mushrooms
All quiet in the valley

Being rainy we had the rout to ourselves and were happy to be greated by an almost magical glen and waterfall

Serene beauty

This was truely an amazing spot with such an easy route i was suprised it was not busier, we hung around a while, savoring the noise of the crashing water, exploring a little and allowing the dog to attack the water ( not sure what the water said, but the dog was not happy).

So many pools for a dip
Moody black and white

We headed back, my forced promise of cake and hot chocolate ringing in my ears, we headed to Valley cotrage cafe, the weather now shorts and t-shirt weather, we sat outside and ate heartily on cake and drink, very good they were and i cant recomend them enough. 

A pamphlet was taken with a suggested walk not far taking in some hill forts, to my suprise all agreed to walk the 2mile route and so we were off again, setting out from Bulbys wood car park, we hit a steep climb up towards brough hill fort before making our way across to Ewe Hill 

Dreaming of bigger hills to run
Strangely as we followed the leaflet some parts on the ground were missing, obvious settlements and burial mounds were absent but i was able to inform the kids of what they were or appeared to be. We desended back down Turf Knowe and took in more stone structures and burial cairns before heading back to the car. 

Cool and inviting
I washed the dog in the river, she had decided to step in ever bog and mud puddle on offer and resembled a Glastonbury festival goer now, once cleaned, the kids played a little, we relaxed and soaked up the sun. I was still suprised how quiet it was, only a few other families around. Im not complaining though to get this beauty to yourselves is a rare thing these days indeed. 

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