Quiet time

Im currently sat in a lovely cafe in Haworth, drinking tea and eating rocky road. Yesterday we visited the Sill, this newly opened centre is aimed at discovering the local area and landscape, its only been opened for a week but it is clear that being busy already it will certainly be popular.

Id agreed with my beloved that as she perused the centre and shops while i took a short burst along the iconic Hadrians wall. From the Sill, i headed along the road oposite towards Steel rig car park, vearing off at the national trust bothy and hitting my first steep climb (with steps)

Hill repeats, with steps!!!
I passed day walkers, its so much more enjoyable to running past people walking out of breath (haha). Immediately at the top i hit the wall, its am amzing section still here withstanding time and weather. 

Still standing firm

The plan was to run around 1hr in total this allowed me to cover 5miles, although slower than usual the asent and desent with steps tested my legs

Looking back towards the start
Iconic scene

I sat at the sycamore watching people go by, some visiting for a few hours, others taking on the challenge of walking its 84miles. I carried on imagining i was defending my land against them dastardly scots 

Before heading up and down more times 

Doggy admiring the view

We stopped and took in the extensive views before heading back, i was the only runner and im sure some folk looked at me oddly. I passed those id passed the first time retracing my route and repeating the hills and steps 

I then had the pleasure of repeating 2miles walking with the family repeating the hills and steps

Wed hit Yorkshire in good time, the following morning i donned my kit and headed to St Ives park, Bingley a place ive visited many a time

More hills!!!!

I for some reason decided hills would be a good idea again, i ran uptowards the top, taking a new route and running a brief road section

A road to nowhere again
I turned right and ran down a green lane and took a footpath through fields and stables, i followed this path before it started circling back and again heading up hill, it was hard after yesterdays hills and steps but i kept going 


I rang along my favourite ridge, stoping for the view before heading towards the quiet of the woods 

Quiet and calming woods

I love the woods, the undergrowth is alive with creatures of all kinds, some run and some watch you go by. Their green canopy both surrounds and comforts, the pines smell of sweet resin drifts across the air and takes me back to my childhood. I take the twisty trails, speed quickens as i jump and hop across the raised roots, the speed wakens your mind as you focus on footing and skip across the ground. Pooch pants and pulls and 6miles are covered.

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