Holidays end.

Sad face, my 2 weeks of annual leave has now come to an end. Epic time was had. Yorkshire challenged and myself and my partner ended up redering first aid to my sister in law who suffered a siezure. Ive ran every terrain posdible from ocean to mountains in two counties and loved every moment. 

Yorkshire rainbow with real rain

With heavy heart we departed lovely yorkshire and headed back to the depths of the Black country.

Wanting to run 1000miles this year i figured my new weekly tally would be 40miles!!!! With the gaso gone this week ive managed to see out the 40miles.

A family visit to the Wyre forest, kids and kerry walked, me and the dog ran. I ran in between the hordes of the day walkers, kids screaming and dogs creating an obsticle course 

A calming brooke
Once a mile away from the main visitors centre, a calm descended upon the world. Birds tweeted and trees creaked in a gentle breeze, i stood for a few minutes happy to take in my green surroundings. I had no route planed and followed which ever path i wished. The dog in quick tow we ducked and dived between trees, bracken, muddy pudles and fallen trees the pace at times fast and terrain upredictable. 

I shot through narrow mountain bike tracks, dodged nettles and brambles. After 9miles i ended back at base, a quick drink and off we headed for lunch. Saturday i ran more hills, my partner dropped me at Ercall woods and i was to run and meet atop the Wrekin, 

The green room

I ran to my favourite spot, a little secret clearing above a rocky outcrop, stopped and took in the warming sun and just enjoyed being still. I set off again and started running the climb taking me up the Wrekin, i ran some, walked some until i finaly hit the sumet. We walked down the opposite side and took in a fab cuppa and brownie from Honey Pott cafe at the foot of the Wrekin. 

Sunday i headed over to canock chase, my aim to run 14miles to round me out to 40miles this week. 

Sunny path
I ran and ran, again no route picked just where my feet took me. At one point i got slightly lost but it didnt bother me i enjoy being enclosed by the trees, the greenery. Some find it claustrophobic but to me its a breathing, living thing, filled with life and secrets. 14miles was covered albeit slowly. I watched the fish feed on discarded bread, moments later a labrador came charging from behind and quickly engulfed the bread. 

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