Need a better week

Yep its been the post holiday return to work week. As you can imagine I returned with an enthusiasm that only a nurse can muster after 2 weeks of annual leave.

My week started with a head scan ( no they were not trying to find my stupid centre) to look at the damage done inside my ear, the lovely staff at Walsal Manor are prety quick and efficient making the visit less painful.

Running has been so so, my focus is to try and run 40miles per week, i got off to a good start taking a simple 6miler near the canal, however this week various ailments plagued me, Tuesday saw me return home from work only to go straight to bed with a general bla feeling. I felt exhausted and utterly done in, i felt a little off the next day so posponed the run. Thursday took me to the Gritstone trail, where in 2 weeks I will be running all 33miles of it. The weather most mornings has been apailing here with torential downpours early on, Thursday was no exception. 

I parked in Kidsgrove and followed the road down onto the Macclesfield canal, it seemed straight forward and after nearly a mile I realised the signs had vanished, heading back from whence i came, i located my turn off and away i went 

Overcast quiet canal
Picture perfect

I bimbled along the canal at a steady rate, following the shoe print yellow signs and soon joined Spring Bank road heading towards Mow cop, the folley loomed high in the distance covered in a rather foreboading mist. For most part there was a pavement albeit small and I was soon able to get off this and onto small paths. 

As i closed in on Mow Cop making a steady climb up an odd ridge in a field, the place resemble Royston Vasey. In the mirk and mist there was not a sole around and there was a slightly odd feeling to the place 

Folley in the mist

I had visions of Tubbs and Edward appearing, which made me run that little quicker. Im sure its a nice place with nice local people but it did not look inviting today. Mow Cop folley appeared in the mist and i took a quick look around, wishing id brought my jacket as the wind buffeted me and cooled the damp on my shirt making me retreat to lower ground. 

I plodded on following the sign post and stopped here and there to take pictures 

Difficult if you run

I passed through Mow Cop and onto a main road, this wasnt a nice section, cars drove past quickly and closely, seemed strange that there was no alternative and i stopped a number of times to check it was correct. 

Chesire’s close
I stopped to take in the, erm view? And plodded on to Willocks Wood.

Slightly better view
I stopped here, 7miles reached before turning around and retracing my route. The ground was quite damp, boggy and slippy in alot of the places and i made a mental note on shoe selection for the day. 

Fellow runner
I met a lovely frog on my return, it sat quietly and vogued for its pictures, Mow Cop looked a little more pleasant now as the mirk had lifted and by the time i reached Kidsgrove it had started to warm. Unfortunately my ear infection has returned the day after, the wind and damp the most likely cause, sees me in pain and somewhat dizzy state. Luckily a recalculation of miles sees me at 37mile to complete 700, this gives me a breathing space and so with just one 6miler to end the week im done. 

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6 thoughts on “Need a better week

    1. I was a walker before but felt i was never going fast enough haha. So i switched to this stupiness instead. Branching out into the multiday fastpacking side now. Ive shed about 2 stone in a year and half as well. You must remember though you mite be 16 stone but your doing more than those on the sofa. Keep on walking bud i like reading them.


      1. Glad you’re enjoying my blog! You’re not wrong about doing more than those sat on the sofa too! I’ve got plenty of other walks lined up and I’m doing the 22 mile Cheviots Challenge on 2nd September, which should be fun… I’ll definitely be writing about that.

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  1. I was looking at the walking emglishman site, so many to choose from. Ive got one ultra run left this year then im focusing on my own things. There maybe a pyrenees adventure next year if all works out. I even route mapped a bothy to bothy through wales visiting each one, nearly 180miles. Mite be to ambitious though

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