The lurgi and other adventures

Yep its been that time of year where thousands of men are struck down by deadly man flu.

the week we returned from Alpkit I suffered with a general ill feeling, low energy, lethargy and troublesome stomach cramps saw me off work for a day and no running in week. I tried but struggled greatly.

By the Saturday I felt better having rested and drank beetroot juice I took myself off to canock, I started at the Iron age fort and just followed the tracks. There was no route planed and I went where the mood took me. Having rained the night before the ground slashed mud at every footfall and before long I resembled a drunk stumbling around. The dog on the other hand loved the mud and wet and rejoiced at getting to jump in puddles

Blair Witch Woods

As always I enjoy my time in the woods, there quiet and comforting, my ninja like running skills saw me surprise a deer which then charged off creating a mighty noise.

A shot in time

I twisted down mountain bike single track, arms flailing to steady my new-born fole run. I stopped at one point and just took in the moment, the stillness, chattering birds and curious squirrels. Dog stood looking confused at why I was not moving and we were off. I took a path leading up a hill, assured it was a path by boot prints it quickly turned into a quagmire forcing me to jump and slide my way up the path, trees were held to provide a needed crutch. By the time we returned we had covered some 10.5miles, I bathed on my return and banished my trainers outside and then set about washing the dog.

I’ve had to wonder this week if forces are conspiring against me, our planed and much-needed holiday in 2 weeks was canceled as Monarch went bump to be followed by the exhaust falling off my car. I sighed a resigned myself to what ever the fates desire, luckily the car only cost £25. The holiday, well, other companies having moved in like vultures and most are now double the price. On the plus weve booked to stay in Pembrokeshire so a nice week for me on the coast running its glorious trails.

I’ve also booked into a winter running skills course and am now seeking extra kit to keep me warm, a new montane minimus smock has been ordered from Wiggle and im looking forward to trying it, next on the shopping list will be primaloft jacket and trouser.

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