Windy Edge

I decided I need some hilly privacy for my weekend run, a time to reset and think.

I headed uptowards Stanage Edge, a short drive from Hathersgate. I had roughly decided a route the night before which would see me follow Stanage Edge.

I had planed to arrive at Burbage Edge car park but as I arrived at a car park I realised I was actualy at Hooks car park, I sorted my gear and off I set towards the ridge. 

I noted the large number of rock climbers who now looked like ants scrambling all over the rock face. I passed just a few people as I ran across the the top and once past Robin Hoods Cave stopped to take in the view 

I took the moment to have a quick wee and although out of site, the wind whipped up a gully and yes it never went where it was supposed to, at this point my hat also blew off and rolled in said wee!!! 

I set off hatless, jumping from stone to stone, the wind howling acrossblowing both myself and dog to the side and off balance 

Windy and wet
I took a video at the spot above somewhere before High Neb, the wind here was so intense that I was unable to speak or catch my breath, we carried on and just before High Neb I came off to explore a little stone structure 


It brought a breif welcome respite from the wind, I sat and looked at my map trying to decide where I wanted to head next and decided to carry along the same route, I hit the trig at High Neb 

High Neb trig
There was no one around at this point and we soon hit the end of Stanage Edge 

Looking towards Moscar Lodge

I about turned and followed a path below Stanage Edge, the path having been churned by sheep was nothing more than a skating rink, I slipped and slid as I struggled to keep my balance, I climb a gully just after High Neb before descending around Buck Stone, as I struggled to stay upright I tripped turning my ankle, I sat momentarily as I stretched my sore foot and off I set. Again I slipped on a stone this time and bruised my bum.

I ducked into Dennis Knoll and followed paths dodging fields and sheep. 

Babling stream
Continuing along fields I came across the remains of an old chaple 

Holy Trinity Chaple

Nothing much remains of the Chaple, apparently destroyed by Protestants around the late 1600’s. 

Climbers along Stanage

I rejoined the road and was soon back at my car having covered just under 6miles. I had planed on a longer Sunday run but I came down with Noro Virus and have been layed up for the next 2days.

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2 thoughts on “Windy Edge

  1. Ah this is really inspiring. Im so proud of you going on these jollies even at your age. Take me with you sometime by bearded bimbling friend xx

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