Wild wet Wales

With a bout of Noro Virus now behind me (thank god), I was forced to take a weeks rest as I was unable to run a mile without feeling like I was going to drop dead.

With our Spanish holiday canceled (thanks Monarch) we booked into a Park Dean resort attached to Pendine Sands, nestled in the Pembrokshire National Park, we were sited just mere yards from the Pembrokshire coastal path and so running was planned.

We headed down on the Saturday amidst storm Brian, the wind battered the car and some high roads and bridge crossing were hairy. Thankfully we made it in good time and safety.

With Brian battering various parts of the South, we sat in our caravan whilst it moved rythmically with the wind, Sunday dawned, calmer a run was had, at only 3miles it was short but involved 4 steep climbs. With dog towing I puffed and panted towards the top and an Iron age hill fort. The weather more sedate gave way to a fantastic sunrise 

Time to stop and enjoy

On my way back down I counted a set of steps you climb from Pendine 255, this made for interesting asent and desents. With the weather more favourable we had a little wander around Pendine, being Sunday most places were semi closed but it seemed a lovely place. 

Monday rolled around and with it rain, I took the opertunity to run along the main road and covered just over 3miles, it drizzled the whole time with low lying mist. On the way back I met the family and climb the stairs of death again the view somewhat lost on the children, during the afternoon we headed over to Tendy to stock up on edibles 

Colorful homes
We partook of a lovely breakfast, with tummies filled, we wandered and perused the local shops and bought some rather tasty pasties. We came across a family band busking, The terrifying Traveling Termites, cracking group made up of mom and dad with the kids playing. Now I like my Southern Bluesgrass and these hit the spot so much I bought their cd. On our return we treated ourselves to a lovely cream tea and watched the world go by at Pendine 

Tuesday crept up and yep with it rain, you can see a theme here cant you, with 4days of drizzly rain I came to the conclusion that this part of Wales is pretty wet all the time, wetter than the Lakes!!!!! I needed a longer run and so using the OS map app on my phone found a 10mile route, I’ll do a write up seperately, needless to say by the time I returned I was covered in mud, wet, the dog hadnt faired any better but I was happy. 

The rest of the week was spent around the park, with my car playing up (electrical faults) I didnt want to use it much so we explored a little more 

Beutiful bay
Secret cave steps

We explored the caves attached to Pendine and marvelled at the size and structures, we then came across these 

Man O-war

Not knowing what these were at first, a quick google showed these to be the rather deadly portuguese man o’ war, turns out they can kill you. Good job we kept away from them. 

We had a little disco for Halloween, sadly neither me nor kerry wom the fancy dress even with my own chanting supporter club. It seems a group of boys had taken a shine to my mask.

All in all Wales was good to us. Despite the kak weather and dodgy car, we had a good break, time to switch off and relax. Being able to explore this national park has given me a good taste for next years adventures. 

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