A day learning where to go

It’s beeb a busy old week, this being my third post so far with a fourth in editing,seems I’ve also hit 50posts this week who knew I had so much to say.

So with Wales now firmly behind us, Saturday was a day of lounging around, the morning I took a quick run around Bageridge country park, loliping to just shy of 6miles it was a pleasant run. 

Lady muck atop her podium
Autum gold

With the evening came a little jaunt to a spooky Kenilworth Castle for a scare night 

Whoes watching you

With the kids suitably scared it was a fun night and one I’d recomend.

Sunday took me into Edale, a small hamlet nestled in the glorious Peak District, I had booked myself onto a navigation course run by Mountain Matt. It’s something I’ve been meaning todo for awhile, given my adventure plans for next year the need to be navigating by map and compass is more important. 

I met Matt at Coopers cafe, whilst we drank tea he asked question of my knowledge, I confessed that I tend to just go, pick points run and then circle round, at times following my sat nav. Thankfully it wasnt as bad as it sounds and im one who tends to nav by longdistance site.

Matt picked some points along the way and asked me to deliver us there. So far so good and as we reached the end of the village we wernt lost.

Taking the path up to hardmans Plantation, a quick stop to gather the lay of the land and a quick talk on distances we set off up towards Ringing Roger, the weather was glorious today and one to spend in the hills, stoppong short of of Roger, I was given the task of navigating us to Roger and from the elevation of 489, I practised setting the compass, taking the bearing and off we trot again.

I marveled at the contorted art forms of Roger, the stones appearing if they were carved by man, but carved by time and the elements. 

We hit the top of Roger,took in a breath before some more info gathering, I liked the way Matt taught these times as a story of the distance, ticking off checkpoints, interesting marks along the way that would help mark the journey. We passed along the main path heading West towards Nether Tor.  

We chatted as I kept an eye on the map making sure that each part matched where we wanted to be. Before long we were passing Upper Tor and I was asked to place us on a little unspecified point with the bearing set off we went, I managed to place us on the spot, describing the lay of the land and talking through the contour lines. further along I made a slight miscalculation and thought we were further back than we were, but after a little recap and description of the area I was able to say where we were. 

Towards Mam Tor
Busy little place

We sat and had a small lunch, marvelled at the odd clothing choices (apparently white Doc Martins are now hiking boots), before long we were on the move again, I was given a point just slightly NorthWest of Grindslow Knoll, again following the bearing and using contours I was able to place us on the money. It was fun watching everyone treck the main path as we bashed the heather, from this spot (its kind of sausage shape on the map) we hit the main path down the side of Grindslow Knoll, were again I made the same mistake of misjudging where I was. Once past Grindslow we moved down off the beaten path, here I was able to practice compass bearings and for the most part was able to hit the mark.  

We were South of Grindslow now and pingponged between set points to practice compass bearings and handrailing. It was fun getting off the path and we ended up at the top of Broadlee-bank Tor, 

Lose Hill in the distance
We took a little time here and watched the paraglyders in the sky, they resembled flying ants but made for entertaining viewing.

From our vantage point, we remarked on the spectacular wild camp spot before setting off down and joining the Pennine Way, once at the bottom we practised some pacing, not my strong point and I was off count most times, but as we progressed the off count reduced to a better one. The path was a busy one with hoards of walkers appearing at once. 

We returned to Edale and had a lovely cuppa in the pub to end the day.

Not a long walk by my standards but an important one, I was able to learn valuble new skills which will serve me well, now I know what to do I need to practice more. 

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