A case of the Goyt’s

I’ve been a tad lazy over the last few weeks, with working being busy and decorating the youngest bedroom ive not felt like running.
So I pulled my socks up and decided a long run was needed, now a guilty pleasure at the moment is YouTube, more in particular these urban exploration videos and the spooky goings on. Having perused the interweb I came across a number of posts about the spooky Goyt valley, barely a stones throw from Buxton this little gem holds numerous accounts of ghouls, ghost and unearthly animals, so why not run there.

I pulled into the first car park just off Goyts lane, the smaller one being full already and two campers adorned the larger, I donned my waterproof jacket feeling the cold and saddled my body with trainers and small ultra bag, dog connected off I pottered. I had no route planned so this would be a ‘on the hop’ navigation.

I set off over the road taking a path down towards Bunsal’s Cob

Towards Cats Tor

Once down the hill, I cut left following the path alongside Errwood Reservoir

Errwood reservoir

I could see already the spooky quiet nature of this place, not helped by pooch stooping and looking behind us as we traversed the woodland, I did check and there wasnt anyone there (I think ).

Any way, after that we plodded around te path, following signs that indicated Wild Moor and Wildmoorstone Clough, one sign amusingly pointing at the actual Clough and not the river, I followed the muddy path passing only two walkers

Wild Moors

This place was moors through and through, dark, wind-swept and foreboding in spades, I ran sliding along sticky mud, crossing small wooden gangways before a short hill climb, here I intersected an old disused rail line and then I spotted the tunnel!!

Burbage Tunnel

I love a good tunnel and getting closer signs declared danger, the dog strangely refused to get closer and stepped back in a cowering motion, I had a peek in the gap but saw nothing, mused about running through it and set off again.

Looking back towards Errwood

It was now windy and somewhat nippy, I pulled my jacket up around my neck and headed along a path towards Burbage edge plantation, this looked a cool wood to run but with no way in, I climb a fence a joined a path that straddled Burbage edge, I can only describe this as a boggy, water-filled 1mile long puddle

Burbage Trig

I stopped took a pic and carried on wading through through the muddy puddle, by the end even pooch was starting to avoid them.

We joined the path flowing down hill following the delightful Berry Clough

Goyts Moss

We trundled down at a steady pace, the going easier than the bog above and soon came across Goyts Clough and a small bridge

Creaky troll bridge
Goyts Clough

I crossed and headed up towards Steakside and Shining Tor, I entered a spooky wood, ever tree grew a protective blanket of soft lush moss, while other moss dangled from branches adding to it’s already un-nerving atmosphere

Your being watched
Errwood reservoir

It was a long climb up, mixed with muddy bog tracks again but we were soon crowning the top and I was able to see Cat & Fiddle, the last time I ran this was early Feb and snow still covered the route. I ambled along meeting a fellow trail runner, we exchanged chat before I headed up towards Shining Tor

Andrews Edge and Kings Clough

We stopped for a quick bite, pooch happy that I shared with her, off we went heading down and then up and then down like a muddy roller coaster, here my knee started playing up and as I went down a familiar pain shot through my knee, once past Cats Tor and Old Gate Nick, I decided to go further and headed in the direction of Windgather rocks

Windgather Rocks

I passed another runner, hello was given and received and off I went following the hill down and into another wood, as I climb the small slope I swear I heard what was a sudden release of air, like an air break, funny as nothing was there, perhaps the trees were sighing, the dog again started looking over her shoulder and I picked up my pace to catch a seat overlooking Overton Hall Farm, a quick bite was had before a slow walk down, my knee again paining me. I passed the farm, the smell of sweet smell of hay and cows filled the air.

I passed a few walkers and entered another quiet, seemingly abandoned wood, Hoo Moor this time my host

Why is no one here?

To my right, the trees were tightly packed and it’s not hard to imagine how your view on what is real could be distorted, the quiet confining woodland playing host to your wild imagination, luckily to my left the view was more welcoming

Towards Long Hill

I came across a family walking 5 dogs, to my annoyance one of the dogs was rather boistress and kept running towards Millie barking at her while the owner made a less than hearty effort to capture it, it nearly felt the end of my shoe.

Once passed this, I followed the road and cut into another wood, the track taking me around the road and depositing me near to Errwood Hall 

Ruins of Errwood Hall

I sat and ate some bikies, thinking of the spot and how foreboding it must have been in its day, a small track wound its way down towards the main road

Impressive entrance

I followed the road around and back to the car park 15miles covered in all, 2 steak bars and oat bikies were harmed in the making of this run.

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