White out on Kinder

Things to come

Hi good folk, once again we meet post run, hope you’ve had good adventures, I find myself saving my main runs for something more exciting, the weeks has been so so with little forays around my home town and into the world of urban exploration

Forgotten in time
Nature reclaims

I explore part of an old rail line, parts of the tracks removed, some still left. I do like these forgotten things, nature slowing claiming back its land, there’s more to explore and promise of a tunnel.

Sunday saw me heading into the Peak district, the plan was to head towards Bleaklow and explore one of the many crash sites, I had settled on Hayfield or more precise Kinder road. The weather forecast foretold of poor visibility with light snow showers throughout the day, once parked I donned layer ( merino wool top, long sleeve thermal running top and faithful OMM waterproof) I decided on my Asic fell running shoes, my alternatives now consigned to the bin having developed a large hole in the small toe area.

Fully dressed off I set, Kinder loomed in the distance as I passed Kinder reservoir, it’s top obscured by low-level grey clouds,

Cold looking Willam Clough

I made for Williams Clough, I find this a far easier route up, the alternative being a rather steep climb to the right of the Clough.

You taking pics again!

The many waterfalls were in full flower much to the annoyance of pup who has an angry aversion to rushing water, I was surprised at how easy it felt running up here, I jumped and bounced across the stream and stone, whilst trying to stop pup from slipping on the rocks,

White, just white

As I climbed the temperature dropped and I wore my buff along with thermal gloves and thermal hat, we hit the top to find a rather wild and rather spooky scene, there was no sound at all, no birds or grouse, just silence, not even a bit of wind.


I stood a moment and took in the quiet, its one of them times when in a movie something terrifying appears from the snow storm.

I about turned and joined the Penine way, my feet being the first to tread the virgin snow today, I slipped and skated as some snow turned to mush caused by under snow streams. It made for hard going, pup seemed to enjoy herself as she bounded and jumped around in the powder

Yep I look pretty awesome

I ran around miles along the Penine way, the cloud closed in and a wind picked up whipping the small ice crystals into my face, this felt like millions of needles striking me, the dog wasnt impressed as she started using her paws to wipe her face, at this point I thought ‘bollocks to this’ turned about and headed back towards Kinder.

Once there, I began to see people and event numbers, I caught quick glimpses of Kong, or the Kong mini mountain marathon. These brave souls were taking part in an orienteering around Kinder plateau I watched a few run past, some stood still trying to figure where to go. Luckily the weather was a little less harsh and I figures I could cut right and head towards Mill Hill and the Burnt Hill, but as I set off I was again met by stinging snow and didn’t have it in me to keep going.

I bimbled back towards William Clough and began my descent, meeting other walkers and more Kong folk. One guy informed me that there being kept off the further paths today due to the weather. I enjoyed the run down, again jumping and leaping from stones, by this time I gave up keeping dry and charged through the stream, once wet my Asics tend to warm up and keep my feet from freezing.

Once Id reached the bottom, I bore right taking the muddy path up towards White Brow and onto Middle moor

All locked up

The cabin would have made a great rest bite, I trotted on following the path that was in fact a stream

Cold view towards Lantern Pike
Looking towards Foxholes Clough

I joined the Snake Path and gently ran down

Doggy just wants to run

It was an easy path down and soon I hit the road and safely back to my car. Next time spikes and goggles are in my next shopping trip, the full fell runners did well but where there was deeper snow I struggled, I was warm enough layering up, Id perhaps like a running buddy for my next snowy foray just as a confidence aid.

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