The end, but not the end.

I write this with both happyness and sadness, today I finally finished runing a 1000miles in 2017.

I started this journey back in February when I came across the trail running group on facebook and have never looked back.

It’s been a cracking year, Ive run 4 ultras, struggled through painful shin splints, strains and pains. Pulled muscles and consumed more food than is legally allowed.

Ive met some great people, sought advice and given my own. It certainly has been an adventure. I was a hiker in my previous life, taking up running to satisfy the overly excitable Border Collie pup we rescued. In the early days I struggled through a mile, wheezing, redfaced and the feeling of passing out ever present. But I kept going, kept that motivation to run and I came to enjoy the time out and by the end I was able to cruise a 30mile ultra with little difficulty I ended my journey where it started, a local nature reserve and I couldnt have picked a better finish, the woids taking on a magical Narnia feel, 

To Narnia and back
Running allows a freedom different from walking, perhaps its that inherent kid in all of us, running down a hill, arms outstretched pretending to be a plane or a bird. The quick turns, jumps and twists of technical trail running heightening the senses and the presence of mild danger. 

Ive ran roads, hills, dales and forests. Splashed more mud and puddles than any excitable Peppa Pig and lost count of the miriad of wildlife ive come across. 

But there is also a sadness, a sadness of the whole thing ending, for me this year is now done. Ill soon be having the long awaited operation on my ear and there is a sense of uncertainty as to the outcome, im hoping that ill be able to avoid the vertigo and 3 weeks of enforced “no exercise” is going to test my patience to a its full extent. Im not very good at sitting still you see and im already dreading it.

But with 2018 looming ever near, my olans still remain the same, albeit pushed back a month and so feb will be the new start date of my epic run the parks. 

So to end 2017 #run1000miles ive choosen my best pictures, ones that show the spirit of the run 

Sun rise in Wales
The end of 40miles
Whiteout on Kinder
Great big Yorkshire
Snowy Long Mynd

So for now this will be my last running post, with enforced rest I’ll be dreaming of adventures to come. If your still going or youve completed the challenge, then enjoy your journey. Pat yourself on the back and rejoice in what you have already accomplished. 

Merry christmas to all. 

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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