Welcome to the start

2018 has come upon us quicker than most of us thought it would and another year passes into the legend of yester year, we sat and contemplated our goals, achievements and memories from a year we hoped we lived well.

Ly last post saw me signing off from running for a short time, im 3 weeks post operation on the ear I have complained about since writing this blog. Am I any better? well currently I can’t say I am.

Various bouts of vertigo ( and a general inability to stand up straight) have seen me out for the count for the past 3 weeks, being unable to move around fast has been difficult, to say the least, forced rest is not one most of us like, there seems no quick respite from this as a potential 6weeks period was handed to me prior to the operation.

6 weeks of no physical activity!!!!!!

I watch in envy at those beginning their journey on 2018 and running down the days towards 2019 already, I cant help but feel like the kid watching all his friends play out when he’s not allowed, staring from my window and you all frolic around.

It is only now as a write this that I am able to start doing more around the house without falling down or stumbling over and so odd jobs around the home will help stave the need to escape to the hills.

My plans have not changed, 2018 Park run is still a go albeit slightly behind schedule, this week originally would have seen me completing my first park with a run through the New Forest.

I live in hope that time will heal quickly and my 2018 adventure plans can start, for now keep running and enjoy the fresh air.


Published by bimblingmike

a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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