Time to think

So we end the first month of January already, scary how quick it just goes, like sand slipping through our fingers.

The start of the new year was a total stall for me, nearly 6weeks away from running, or pretty much no quick movement at all due to on/off vertigo, even now 6weeks on I still have very mild bouts of vertigo. Turning my head left to right brings a quick wave of dizziness and running makes me feel like a bobble head figure sat on your dashboard.

I’ve managed a few fairly short runs, my fitness having dropped, I feel the burn in my chest and stitch in my side, bit I have persevered and I have managed a few 12 miles along the canals.

Grand plans for 2018 have been shelved until 2019, my lack of fitness, preparation and being a month behind will make my project all but impossible, Id like to enjoy the adventure rather than suffer it.

So with that in mind I’ve revived some ideas I had last year

  • Teesdale Way
  • A Pennine Journey
  • My home to the wreakin (camp) and f0inish in Church Stretton.
  • Fuerteventura (holiday later this year
  • The Calder Woodland Way
  • Convergence (beyond Marathon events)
  • Masrshalling at the Beer Ultra in April

I am still toying with other ideas and trying to decide if I would like to take part in any other ultra events, my plans for 2018 revolve around fitness, distance and refining my fast packing skills. There is also gaining my quality mountain days for my mountain leader course and that concludes a pretty packed year.

I am also working on a separate idea “Running with ghosts”, I havent quite figured this out yet but I would love to bring it into a guide format and I may start a Facebook page linked to this site, phew im tired just looking at it all.

Having had time off I have got back into baking and im now knocking out respectable buns of all shapes and sizes, I add only 4 ingredients to mine as opposed to the multitude of shop bought stuff and can feel myself moving towards a simpler life, that’s how id like to imagine it anyway.

I’m always looking for ideas of what to write about, so if anyone has any suggestions then please message me or leave a comment.

Happy Running.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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