New York and back

This is fourth time I’ve tried to do this, wordpress has been somewhat irritating today, with it deciding not to save in its current form.

So lets start again, the beard was taken on a little 3,000 mile journey across the ocean to the Big Apple. Her indoors celebrated a little non important birthday so we opted to spend 5 days exploring. Trying to comprise 5 days of exploration in one blog post was hard, we had seen and experienced so much the question what do you share, so here I have gone with loads of pictures and some ramblings enjoy, get a cuppa it’s a long one

There be land

We took a short flight to Dublin in order to clear US immigration quickly and allow a smoother transition onto US soil, some 10hrs later we arrived a little tired but ready to go, quick shower and off we went to Time Square.
It was as promised bright, loud, bustling and in your face but at the same time exceptionally exciting. IMG_20180314_143840_368
Once perused, photos and selfies taken we headed back to our hotel. The Mansfield would be our abode for the 5 days, built-in 1903 in stands in place of an orphanage and a ghostly boy is rumoured to wander its halls, another infamous guest Max Von Gerlach the inspiration behind The Great Gatsby.

Feeling rested, Friday was a day of getting to ‘grips’ with the city, we wondered about crossing the roads, there seemed some rules and we followed as best we could.

Many sights were seen today, Brooklyn Bridge, China Town, City Hall, Wall Street, 9/11 memorial to name but a few, we walked and walked, explored Battery Park and glimpse Lady Liberty the que to big to try today.

Our best explore of the day has to be Grand Central, it remains an impressive feature. Hard to believe it was nearly demolished in the 60’s and saved by Jackie Kennedy, it’s a fine example of a building clawing its way back to triumph. A building built during an era of boom and hope of a new age of industry, to fall into less than glamorous clothes during the 20th century, to be reborn a fresh. Whispering corner tried, soft voices carried via the vaulted ceiling from corner to corner a source of entertainment for us both.



Food here is good and reasonable in price in grand surroundings. We had a further bimble along some of the shopping areas but prices were not that favourable to warrant the purchase, tiered feet rested back at the hotel by fire before late tea at a local street food cafe.

Saturday came quick, plans today involved Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Grand Central with an off-Broadway show later with coffee and cake afterwards. Although we enjoyed The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island we couldn’t help but feel the monument so beloved for representing freedom and liberty for all was a little misplaced in this current political climate. Boarding the ferry gave a palpable taste of how it must have felt to arrive here hoping for a new life. After our visit, we headed off to The Rockefeller taking a trip to the clouds, the lift alone worth the admission. From the top you can get a clear 360 view, if you opt for the Empire State, Rockefella will block your view.

An afternoon nap, before catching a show and cake and coffee for afterward finished off a great day.

Sunday came, we ached from the 30,000 steps from yesterday, we hit Grand Central again for the obligatory bagel, before taking a bimble up to Central Park. A nice enough place but a little over pristine and manufactured for my tastes, we explored a little passing crowds of families and lovers, we passed Strawberry Fields before heading into The Natural History Museum, 40 odd halls of stuff to look at made a long walk.

Heads filled with pretty much the entire history of the world, we explored around Grand Central finding Urban space on Vanderbilt, a little foodie oasis. Packed with craft food and drink for every taste we opted for lobster, my first taste and its was delish worth seeking out.

We headed back to Rockefeller at night for a little night-time look before heading down towards Radio City and snapping more shots.

Alas Monday dawned and the reality of returning to the UK, we ate a hearty breakfast of pancakes, bacon and eggs before invading the rather large and resplendent Library, Victorian esq in architecture with large stone monuments everywhere. Inside clad with more wooden panels than one forest could afford, students studies and seemed indifferent at our presence, it was almost like wondering a persons work place and taking pictures of them at work.

We ate cake and coffee, before bidding farewell to a wonderful city, it is hard to avoid the plight of the homeless there, as nurses we noted that most seemed to suffer from chronic forms of mental illness, struggling not only with living on the streets but the sufferin that chronic illness brings. For all of the UK’s wrongs we do certain things well, be thankful for the NHS at least it is free for all.


  • People are friendly, customer service is great
  • Not everything offered on the streets is free when offered
  • Hawkers are everywhere flogging dodgy knock offs
  • Away from the tourist spots, cheap and great food can be found, check trip advisor and even google map before and whilst there.
  • Go early to attractions as the ques are less, we asume no one starts moving until after 10am.
  • Get a guide boom, they have maps, their usefull.
  • It’s not cheap, it’s a city you’ll pay city prices.
  • The insesant beeping of car horns is normal, there is no rule to why they beep they just do.
  • Jay walking, now we wondered what this was, it is only crossing dangerously, we seen this alot, many narrowly avoiding getting hit by cars.

We loved our time there, it was an experience and id be happy to repeat.

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