Brecon Bimble

It seems only 5 mins ago that I was just finishing off the Exmoor run, I had a shorter than usual period of time between my runs just a mere 2 weeks.

The niggling achiles pain I was experiencing seemed to sort its self out pretty quickly and within a few days of returning home all was well, As usual the weather seemed to play tricks on me with the bank holiday weekend being fantastic and warm and then the predictions of cooler weather and a more unsettled period leading into my run across the Brecons.

I ended up throwing away a pair of leggings and gloves, these hadn’t lasted over the 3 days with the stitching pretty much dissolving in areas and becoming unrepairable, I have had them for well over a year so they have down well, but a quick shopping trip was in order and new leggings, new gloves and a new waterproof jacket were purchased.

As usual my journey started from home, a short tram ride into the city centre with people hurrying along to work and me standing out as much as I could, people eyed me with a mixture of amusement and suspicion.I boarded my train heading first into Shrewsbury and then onward to my final destination of Llandeilo, I’ve come to see the trains much as I have the Nation Parks I cross, they and the people who travel upon them are as unique as the parks, from the many walkers to the man wearing a dress and wearing Wellington boots.

A journey of some 4hrs was made and I arrived at the small station of Llandeilo, the path away from the town was well-marked and not far along the little wooded trail I came to a rather fancy suspension bridge of the river Towy, It swayed back and forth as I ran


across i and yes I messed around on it making it sway more than it probably should.

I was soon following a minor B road away from Llandeilo, it climbed steadily and wound its way around the man farms and hills, I passed a large standing stone near Sythfaen, it looked  a little sad and lost almost swallowed by the undergrowth.

The route was easy, passing by little homes, cottages and hamlets nestled and almost hidden away, a few cars passed by but for the most part I was on my own in solitude, I cross a cattle grid and cut right onto the moor land below Blaenpedol and attempted to follow what was ment to be the Brecons Beacon Way, unfortunately there was not a single signpost on the ground and little sign of a well trodden path either, like Dartmoor the ground was wet and covered with tussock of grass as i often waded across the ground attempting to latch onto a track.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fortunately I was able to see a road in the distance and headed in that general direction, the area around Brest Cwm Llwyd is littered with the remnants of old quarry workings and lime pits, this has created a rather bumpy area next to the main road and having again lost sight of a path I ended up taking many short steep climbs as I searched for some semblance of a route. I had planed to try to cover 20 miles before the evening  but I had already taken a considerable amount of time to try and get to this point, seeing a car park further on, I headed along a general route and crossed a busy road, passing quickly by returning walkers and onto yet more quarries and derelict building remains, the area scarred by the hand of man now stands silent and holds a slightly eerie feeling as you pass by, metal gates block access to the warren of mines under Foel Fawr,

With 9 miles already covered, I chose to call it a day and headed down towards a small but beautiful waterfall, hidden behind a small mound I set about making camp and before long tea was drank and food was consumed. The noodle and soya mince mix worked well but was rather difficult to get out of the bag I used, I had more noodles on my hands than in my belly at this point.

I made a quick call home and sat and took in an amazing sunset, little did i know what the next day would entail.


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