North Yorkshire Doddle

Wow how time flies, 2 weeks post Brecon and im off again.

Thankfully this time it was to be a relaxing jolly, with few decent water sources aong the way or near wild camp spots I opted to do away with the camping.

Accommodation was booked, train booked and all was pretty much arranged.

The initial plan was to head into Scarborough by train and then head West towards Osmotherley which is where the boundary ends.

As usual an early start from Grand Central Station, cup of tea and pastrie and I was boarding my first train to York, then onto Scarborough. I’ve enjoyed my train journies so far, they’ve been on time, comfy and ive always had a seat.

I arrived in Scarborough on time, srting my lighter kit, I set off through the town, traffic noisily went by, fumes filling the air as I dodged pedestrians. All to soon I was climbing and climbing towards the local college. Looking back I caught a fantastic viewof the castle, today washot which made a change from previous cold and windy weather and running in t-shirt and shorts was definitely fun.

I was soon climbing my first style and onto open fields, before wandering onto a GCHQ radio station, numerous signs warning me to keep to the paths, I filmed and snapped some shots as I went curious if men in black would arrive and disappear me.

I climbed onto Seamer Beacon before crossing the boundary for park 7. The paths were well trod, winding through fields and woodlands, rape seed glowed in the sun light as the woods offered a more cooler climate. I passed quite a few ancient earth works and ditches, Rancliff wood passed quickly as I joined the Tubular Hills path.

I was greatfull for the woodland cool, the sun was hotter now but dodging in and out of the trees I was afforded a quieter and cooler run. I was suprised how quiet it was, I had seen only one walker since i set forth from Scarborough.

Wykeham Forest was soon left behind and I ventured onto a minor road, a few cars passed by dodging numerous sheep wandering along the way. I opted to head along the road at this point and came upon a ruined chapel, This Edwardian Chapel appears to have been used as a school for the local population but info is limited. A large painted warnings declared the presence of bees in and around the building, these were clearly visable and I opted for a few snaps at a distance.

My distance was a mere 13 miles today, I ran a delightful path through a secluded wood and came upon my BnB for the night. South Moor farm is a secluded and quiet place, there was little in the way of people and I was given a warm welcome.

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