North Yorkshire 3

Well, I had an unsettled night, despite being warm and dry, I hadnt brought a matt so was left with the hard floor, coupled with the lashing rain and wind I woke periodically to listen to the weather outside beat the campsite into submission.Once awake properly, we sat staring out of the window at the drizzle and drinking tea, I did consider coming back another day, but once out of the van the weather wasn’t as bad as it sounded.Fueled with tea and sesame snapps, I donned my lightweight waterproofs and set off, leaving my brother to make his way home. No signal ment no route directions for about an hour other than a thin blue line, I passed sheep and cautiously by passed cattle, who eyed me with suspicion, their brains ticking with the thought of chasing me for sport, luckily eating took priority. The drizzle and wind did its thing, making the world a little miserable today.I joined the Esk Valley Walk over High Blakey Moor, the wind pushing me sideways with rain for extra measure.I took brief periods of respite in shooting butts as I concentrated on running to get out of he weather. I climbed down from the moor only to climb up another section, a narrow and almost non path, leaches held sway on the paths here with frogs nearly being stood upon.After a short section, I descended again towards Bransdale Mill which I have now found out is a bunkhouse set in idilic and dramatic farmland.Another climb out of the valley, saw my feet wet through, but this actually helped with the pain that had been getting worse in the middle of my foot, a quick stop for snacks and drink before I cimbed up again across Todd Intake Moor and down into Chop Gate.I hoped for a cafe here, food and tea was desired but non were forthcoming, a large group arrived and popped champagne in celebration of a birthday, it had warmed considerably here, but fearing another down pour and steep ascent over Noon Hill I opted to stay in my waterproofs. The climb was steep here, running to the side of the hill and then cutting directly up, the path vanished and then re-appeared with a stark woodland clearing flanking my left.Snilesworth Moor came and went with the path totally vanishing here and seeing me trapsing across newly burnt heather with no visable path.Low Cote Farm passed with the opted road route taken for ease of navigation, a cyclist nearly ran me down as cars politely slowed and took a wide birth of me. I took a few minutes here to arrange my end pick up in Osmotherley as I came across my first few people in some 15 miles, Square Corner was filled with cars as folk headed along the Cleveland WayNow filled with joy at the prospect of a mere 2 miles left, I shod my waterproof trousers and felt a newly found sense of freedom a release,with renewed energy I set off running and passed a few walkers having a stroll, down steps and through wooded valleys before a road was reached, here i had to take a route towards the boundary which lay towards the ford near Thimbley Hall, This was a cracking place to end, a cooling beck backed by a waterfall. I stood triumphantly paddling in the cool water which helped with my foot pain before a celebratory piece of Guinness cake was had and transport arrived to take me home.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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