The year begins to come to an end and it becomes a time of reflection for everyone as we go over how the year has turned out.

What a year I have had, I’ve covered a 1000miles, climb the equivalent of Everest in asent and seem some amazing things, its been hard at times but this it what I was looking for, an out of my comfort zone adventure like no other.

You’ve watched, followed and commented on my journey, supported the charities and supported me along the way and for that I thank you all for every bit of support you have all given.

I didn’t quite complete the 14 parks, just narrowly missing the mighty Cairngorms but its a lesson learned (Scotland is wet) and one I can take with me for the coming year. We’ve raised nearly £500 for the 2 charities which is great in its self and the page has grown to a whopping 700 odd people which I still find crazy.

One thing I will ultimately take from this year is that whilst being out of my comfort zone I am distinctly in it at the same time, trodding the non paths, getting lost, going where no one else has for 100’s of years does not feel alien at all to me, I can instead say that I feel completely at home in the unknown and have revelled in the discovery of places long forgotten.

Its given a greater sense of the ‘wilder place’ the UK has and that despite the issues around over use of some of our more popular parks there are hidden gems beset with oodles of solitude provided freely.

So what does 2020 hold for me, my biggest adventure next year, getting married to the lovely Mrs Beard in May (its only taken 9 years), I have some ideas but nothing concrete.

Cairngorms still needs to be completed, but this means I can plan a different route, maybe a combination of running and kayaking across the mighty park. Id love to take my adventure running up a  notch and complete some fantastic ridge lines around the UK taking in the scary edge of Crib Goch and the like, I’m not afraid of heights as such but definitely have the belly flutter looking down.

Of course there will be the hidden trails runs I plan to arrange, exploring the familiar but hidden parts of popular places, I may even incorporate some of the routes from my Parks into this as well so if you come you will get to see true solitude.

I think overall my perspective on life has changed, I’ve switched off from the main stream news and media, Facebook, unless in blogging or posting on the bumbler page is done more out of habit than need these days and I recognise this and aim to reduce that more.

A few people have asked about a book or photo album of some form, I like the sound of this but I’ve yet to write anything cohesive around a book type of idea and I’m not even sure where to start with such a thing. Photo wise I have over 3000 images, that’s not including the 4000 short video clips yet to be pieced together in some form of documentary, so still lots to do on that front. I would love to get more involved in short documentary style journeys and there are ideas swirling around my head as to what these could be.

overall this year has been pretty amazing, I set out to show that an amazing adventure can be attained by us mere mortals, that despite a fulltime and demanding job, family and personal commitments you can adventure and make time to seek personal greatness. I’ve met lots of fantastic people, some just fleeting and isolated and some that I have become firm friends with.

Most importantly, been kind to yourself, if things do not turn out as you expect, that’s ok as well, its a lesson learned.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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