Operation day

Returning home from a week in hospital feels emotional, I sit and enjoy a takeaway with the family, the kids laughing rake up emotional feelings in me, I make my excuse and take myself off for a bath. Listening to their laughter feels at odds with the recent few days and diagnosis.

We wait a few weeks, numerous calls to the surgery department bring the same result, top of list, no beds due to covid. I spend my days just pottering around and building lego to try and occupy myself. I restrict my activities to very little, my wife keeping tabs on my movements.

We move the wedding forward, under special circumstances, we gather at the registry office and the ceremony is quicker than I thought it would be, I cry, kerry cries. Our witnesses sign the forms and we are now Mr and Mrs Creighton.

An hour before we leave for the wedding the call comes and I get the date, 4th March, brain tumor day. I attend the hospital, kiss kerry goodbye and inform her where to look for the essential information and last wishes files. You never think you’d need to, but this proves that you never know.

I spend a night in a side room, watch TV and make calls, the next day dawns and I done the sexy gown and lacey hospital knickers and I am escorted to theatre. Everyone is nice and welcoming. A quick injection and I’m fast asleep.

3hrs later I awake in recovery surrounded by people, the Dr comes to see me and I’m my post op haze I’m told it was all a success. No more tumor.

Things don’t go as planned though, my catheter seems to have rejected and after having been touched every which way from Sunday, a super pubic catheter is in place, a further complication to my already odd life. There is nothing I can do but accept my fate and go with the flow.

4days in hospital and I’m allowed home, a few people pass through and I chat with my other bed fellows which helps to pass the time. We speak to the kids more about what is going on, but nothing specific. I’m restricted to doing very little, carrying around a bag of wee presents new issues for me now.

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a hiker, a runner and bearded man

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