This list is by no mean exhaustive, but these are a few of the people I have been following, videos I enjoy watching and tales I enjoy reading

Tales of Daring Doo.

Aleks Kashefi
Aleks has been a daring dooer for some time, he solo ran Europe North to South and being the first person to do so. Check him out on facebook for some wonderful tales and photographs.

Salomon Running

A collection of wonderful and thought provoking videos centered around people and their love of running.

Bjorn Andreas Bull Hansen
An avid lover of the bushcraft arts, Bjorn provides thought provoking snippets on life.

Adventure Archives
Adventure Archives is a YouTube channel about camping, hiking, and bushcraft through the backcountry. Join us as we explore the wilderness and share our thoughts and the beautiful scenery of nature.

Walking Englishman
The most visited free content web site for walking in Great Britain with the most popular National Parks and walking areas covered. Included are personal commentaries, statistical data and complimentary pictures of every walk featured

The Outdoor Adventure Blog
For all things outdoorsy, interviews and advice to inspire and make your adventure.

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