Me, me and more me

“Beauty can be anywhere but how hard will you look

We are all very busy these days, work and life push against each other as we struggle to gain hours in the day. I had often watched those on TV adventuring in far flung exotic places and dreamed of heading off on my own crazyness.

 Then I asked myself ‘why cant I’, 

In 2016 I set out to walk most of Wainwrights famous coast to coast route, some 190 miles in all, I walked and sweated for 5 days in total eventually finishing around half way through, running out of time and feeling my feet were about to drop off conspired against me.

This was a fantastic 5 days of being away from the world, just enjoying the world.

Since then I’ve progressed into running and more recently ultra running having completed 4 ultras and a few half marathons. I enjoy this venture and ideas spring to mind and plans are hatched. the blog has grown into something more than just that brief 5 days bimble.

running, camping, solitude, hiking, adventure and perhaps mainly just daftness is some of the many things you’ll find here in, so enjoy.


On another note my partner say’s I’ve gone weird and driven her mad going on about maps, hills, backpacks and crap to fill said back pack. Now apparently I’m abandoning her every time i disappear and will possibly die as she’s converted me into a townie! wonderful isn’t she but i love her all the same.